My Story

I am a 21 year old British rapper known within the industry by the alias 'Abacus', and I am located in Kent, England. I have been writing songs and raps for the past 6/7 years, and have gradually increased how seriously I take my music, until now, I have released my debut mixtape "Questions of Life", and I have committed to creating music full-time. I have determined that in music, I value lyricism and meaning above all else, as I find it important for people to be able to relate to the music, and be able to see things from different perspectives. Meaning that this is portrayed through my music as I discuss various social and personal issues. However, if you are here, I'm sure you already know that... So welcome to Feel Free to visit the 'Music' Page, to listen to my tracks and download my 'Questions of Life' Mixtape for Free.

You Can also get my Debut Secrets EP as well as Limited Edition Merchandise HERE